Cahuita National Park Snorkeling Tour

cahuita-snorkeling-tour-thumbSnorkeling in Cahuita National Park Reef

The Cahuita National Park in Costa Rica covers 1068 ha of forest inland but offshore it protects a marine area of 22,400ha, including a beautiful coral reef.

So why not take a boat with your tour guide Fernando and learn more about the Cahuita National Park Reef? The coral reef offers a home to 35 species of coral, including Elkhorn, fan and brain coral, fire and leather coral. There are also other types of marine life, such as sea urchins, moray eels, sea turtles, lobsters and sharks. In total, this incredibly important reef is inhabited by 128 species of algae, 44 species of crustaceans, 140 species of molluscs and 123 species of fish including: squirrel fish, jewel fish, box fish, French angel fish, queen angel fish, frog fish, butterfly fish, sting rays and snappers.

The Snorkeling House Cahuita tour starts off with a boat ride to the snorkel area where you can enjoy hours of snorkelling around the beautiful reef. For your safety Cahuita National Park has installed a snorkelling trail that consists of a 400 meter line with white buoys marking the safe areas. There is a drop off where you can do some free diving to explore the colourful underwater world. With some luck, you may even see a green turtle!

cahuita-coral-reef-thumbA Tasty Snack of Fresh Fruit after the Snorkeling

Thanks to Snorkeling House having a family connection with legendary Miss Edith’s Restaurant, a tasty snack of fresh fruit and beverages can be provided for lunch. Once re-energized, visitors have the choice to return by boat or hike 3.5 km (1 hr 45m) through the Cahuita National Park back to Cahuita town centre.

This offers a wonderful opportunity to spot some of the wildlife inland and along the coastal path. Make sure you have your camera ready for parrots, toucans, herons, ibis and a wide variety of other birds are just waiting to show off their beautiful plumes. The white-faced monkeys are very sociable and may come right up to you expecting to be fed. But be warned – it is prohibited to feed them and so don’t be tempted to share your lunch with them.

Other animals like the iguanas, agoutis, sloths and anteaters require a keen eye and a little patience, but once spotted they provide a wonderful photo opportunity for showing friends and family at home, what an adventure you’ve had.

snorkeling-cahuita-coral-reef-thumbTour price per person $30.

Departures: Snorkeling House Cahuita tours depart from behind Miss Edith’s Restaurant.

Location: from the bus station visitors should follow the main road north and turn right at the police station, following this road they will find Miss Edith’s Restaurant is located on the right hand side.

The meals for the regular tours without the lunch at Miss Edith’s consist of an individual fruit box with a drink, which is provided for each person taking part in the tours.


What to bring:cahuita-national-park-thumb
Sun block : applied 30 minutes prior to entering water
Hiking shoes
Insect repellent



Snorkeling House Cahuita provide the equipment and a knowledgeable guide who will help you get the most out of your dive. Snorkel gear and life jackets are also provided.

Safety information:
Boats are equipped with two way radios and first aid kits

The entire tour is guided, and it is very important to follow your guide, avoiding touching or stepping on the coral.

Your tour guide Fernando is trained in the following:
Life Guard

Coast Navigation
First Aid

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