Snorkeling House Cahuita Adventure Tours

Take a 2 hour tour through the primary virgin, uncut mountains of Cahuita, where you will see toucans, colourful parrots, three-toed sloths, anteaters, howler and white-faced monkeys, snakes, lizards, insects, frogs and much, much more!

There are several tours to choose from:

  • The Indian Reservation Tour: learn more about Costa Rica’s indigenous people by visiting a reservation with a guide. The tour costs $50.00 per person;
  • The Cahuita Park Tour: visit the Cahuita National Park with an experienced guide; this tour costs $40.00 per person;
  • The Fishing Tour: why not join a fishing trip with your Snorkeling House guide? This trip costs $70 per person and runs from 6am to noon;
  • The Dolphin Watching Tour: get up early and listen to the dolphins chatting to one another and watch them play. The tour costs $60 per person and lasts from 6am to 8:30 am. Enjoy the dolphin show from the boat!

Light weight clothing is recommended for these tours.

Snorkeling House Cahuita in Costa Rica prides itself on offering eco-friendly, responsible tours to visitors. Your guide Fernando is very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of the area and will be happy to tell you tales of tree-dwelling tamandua, cute coatis and sleepy sloths hanging in the trees above you. His knowledge of the local culture and heritage as well as his connection with the Bri Bri indigenous people of Costa Rica will enrich your stay in Cahuita and will give you a real insight into this fascinating country.

Costa Rica is particularly loved by bird watchers the world over and you should be able to spot toucans, macaws, parrots, hummingbirds and waterfowl like herons and ibis. The length of the beach part of Cahuita National Park’s 1068 ha can be walked in about 3 hours. Take plenty of drinking water with you, as the climate is hot and humid in this part of Costa Rica.

A Snorkeling House tour with Fernando will give you a first impression of the amazing land and marine animals and plants of Cahuita’s coast.

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